Monday, March 12, 2007

These are some expensive toys!

Would you pay nearly $50,000 for a remote-controlled robot? You might if you're the target demographic for Hammacher Schlemmer. I remember getting this catalog as a kid (ok, my parents got it, but never ordered anything) and drooling over the geegaws. H-S does put some big-ticket items in the catalog as a sort of "wow" factor, but $49,000+ for a working "Robby the Robot?" Wow.

CNN Money has a very cool slideshow with some other high-end "toys," although a couple aren't really for kids, and the first 2 are play houses... That Pirate Scallywag play house is SO cool though! Instead of buying one, I think I'll build one instead.

[via Blogging Baby]


ToyGeek said...

As a kid growing up in a lower-middle income family, I coudn't even IMAGINE my parents spending more than $20 on a toy for me. That was the limit. And I had a perfectly fulfilling childhood, playing with My Little Ponies, Pound Puppies and my homemade dollhouse (which I still treasure to this day).

Zarebski said...
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