Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Shake N Go! Flyers Show Plane Review

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We're big fans of the Shake'N'Go race cars from Fisher-Price. Now the F-P wants us to take to the skies. What next? Shake'n'scuba?

Anyway, the Show Plane is a decent toy. The idea is you pull back on the catapult and release the plane to make it fly. But here instead of pulling the plane back (which you can do), you shake the entire launcher, and one tiny clip at a time, the plane inches backward. A nice idea, translating the shake'n'go concept to a flying machine, but in practice they have a few problems.

First, you have to insert the plane just right to engage the motor. Since it's a little tricky, and you can't pull on it too much or the "motor" won't start (it makes an engine noise), my son got a little impatient and just decided to start pulling it back. To do this, he's got to yank on the back of the plane. Ours is the green plane, which is kinda skinny and I worry the glued sections will rip apart.

Besides, having to use batteries for something that shouldn't need them is silly! In my day we had a crossbow and we liked it!

Really the boy had a great time though. It's a fun toy-- just make sure you educate the kids on how to use it. I think a little more practice and he'll go nuts. He played with it for over 30 minutes outside. That, to me, is quite good for a single toy. And he's quite interested in playing with it again tomorrow.

The box was astoundingly easy to open. Not as many of those twist-ties. We'll see how battery life goes, and the structural integrity. Although we might exchange it for the other one if he keeps tugging on it.

Final thought: get it on the cheap for a neat flying toy appropriate for younger kids.

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Robert said...

My son wanted a RC helicopter & I got it for him from ToyRaptor.