Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

When all the new toys are coming out! Yep, you Johnny-come-lately shoppers out there beware: the hottest toys this season are likely sitting on shelves now. Granted, the economy might make those toys readily available in December, but do you want to risk it?

I'll post the toys we've got our eyes on soon, but for now, here's a sample:

  • Imaginext has an entire line of superheroes (Batman and Superman for now)

  • Also in that line is Spike the Dinosaur. You might have seen the ads on TV. However, Spike isn't a more animated version of previous dinos in this line -- he's HUGE! He'll be this year's Butterscotch the Pony (remember her from last year?)

  • The newest Leapster is out and looks good.

  • Anything High School Musical

  • And all the major game publishers have a boatload of new games for you... be sure to read all the reviews, but keep in mind: gamers tend to write them. I've had good luck getting discounted games for younger kids because a bunch of snotty core gamers hated the repetitive nature of the gameplay. But kids love the fact that they can master something so quickly! Like old arcade games, your mileage may vary.

Back soon with more holiday shopping tips!


delrond said...


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Skyhigh said...

The hottest toy for this years holiday season is the Kicktoys BEit DUDe


I really like THE WAVE made by Street Surfing! It's the original caster board and it gives a great work out for the kids (and adults) while you ride.
My son is 9, big for his age, and he LOVES his board!! He teaches every one of his friends and others....he even taught his Dad to ride! You have to move your hips and torso, gives a good core work out! It's a good outdoor toy, if you will, that will make the kids exercise and they don't even know it! Get them out the house and off the couch!

Bobbie said...

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My favorite store is

They have sent me a half dozen mint condition beautiful old sets.

I hope they make it.

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The Brand (Cape Town) said...

Its always a nice time of the year then the latest kids toys come out.

As usual Disney is leading the trail with Hannah Montana and High School Musical, everything. Transformers are also a bit hit at the moment.

Chico said...

Even though this blog is not updated, I hope it will be soon...any information about toys is valuable, especially for the holidays!